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Next Planet

We are here to offer you a journey beyond your expectations through Our Digital IT Services.

Our Services

Our offer is a journey beyond your expectations through untouched yet wide space. 

LegitimID is a registered Trade Mark, also the name of Our Solution and the name of the Innovation Cluster founded by a consortium of three companies: Next Planet, Widecom Systems and Online Services.

A Research and Development Project was approved and financed by EU. 

Tech-savvy, research-oriented, value creators, enthusiasts and trustworthy, we shall preserve our identity and soul on the Earth and in the cloud.

Mobile apps benchmarking

Our in-house developed solution will not only guide you for the best mobile performance app but will also help you to compare and improve version after version.

An other Research and Development Project was approved and also financed by EU funds. We named it MobileQ.

Descarca Scenariul de Testare-MobileQ



We will give you powerful virtual assistants which do not sleep ever and can help your customer with broad knowledge  and AI.

IT Auditing and Inventory

In a dynamic and agile world, requirements and regulations over Information Systems are becoming increasingly complex, and organizations are struggling to secure critical IT assets and demonstrate compliance with industry standards and regulations.


Top companies in different areas continue to adopt proactive ways of identifying and addressing cyber security vulnerabilities in computer systems. We can help you identifying vulnerabilities in the information systems and related IT infrastructure, determining the severity of different attack vectors on information systems.

When you are a local Romanian public authority and you are looking for some IT equipment and accessories then you can buy from our SEAP e-commerce platform.

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